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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Kotak Jifi Account

I had attended the indiblogger meet at Saket ,Delhi where kotak launched it's jifi account for the first time.Jifi is a new age digital account that offers unparalleled convenience. Easy & anytime access, hassle-free transactions and numerous benefits, that is what Jifi is all about. What’s more, banking is now social with it as you receive banking account updates through Twitter, gain reward points for transacting online and adding friends to your Jifi network.
  1. No minimum balance, non interest bearing current account
  2. Auto Term deposit creation once the average balance crosses Rs. 25,000/-
  3. Tweet to bank - Account updates, cheque book request and many more account activities just a tweet away
  4. Refer friends to Jifi and get rewarded
  5. Loyalty Club - Social or Transaction get rewarded for both
  6. Free Jifi Platinum Chip Debit Card for first year
  7. Keep track of your expenses with a Kotak Money Watch platinum subscription for one year
  8. Access to our Mobile Banking & Offers app, to bank on the go
  9. Free NEFT through Net Banking.
  10. Any person above 18 years of age can apply.
  11. As a part of the activation and the verification process, funding the account with this minimum amount of Rs. 5,000 is required, which you can later utilize for online transactions or any other banking needs.
  12. The Activ Money facility helps you convert idle funds above Rs. 25,000 in your Jifi account by moving it to a term deposit(TD) in multiples of Rs. 5,000. This earns a TD rate of interest depending on the tenure. The default tenure booked is 180 days. In case of a shortfall in your Jifi account, the amount (in multiples of Rs. 5,000) is withdrawn from your Term Deposit, thereby giving you the convenience of getting payments processed with ease at all times.
  13. You can easily refer your friends through Facebook or by sharing a unique Email link. All you need to do is send them an invite by clicking on the 'Refer Friends' button on your Jifi dashboard.The referral rewards start from the time you refer your friends to Jifi, till their account is opened. In case your friend does not open the jifi account, you are still eligible to redeem the social points earned.
  14. Loyalty club entitles you to earn social and transaction points, which can then redeemed for a host of lifestyle, shopping and dining offers.
  15.  An Android, iOS & Blackberry compatible app that enables you to instantly connect to your bank account from anywhere, anytime.
  16. Now you can get a 360 degree view of your personal finance with Kotak MoneyWatch. It allows you to view and analyse all your finances online with ease. Here are some of the features you enjoy with KMW:
    • All financial instruments under one roof.
    • Upload or simply forward your e-statements to Kotak Money Watch.
    • Automatically connect all your online accounts, to view your net worth.
    • Auto categorise your bank and credit card transactions.
    • Calculate your income tax automatically.
    • Access Kotak MoneyWatch even from your mobile phone.
    • Generate more than 30 reports like spending patterns, Capital Gains, Profit and Loss etc.
    • Add multiple billers such as telephone, electricity, gas, internet, etc. to receive timely alerts so you never miss a due date.
    • You also have a folder to store your important financial documents online and much more.                                It is a very novel idea by kotak bank and really suits the modern times.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


"Religion is the opium of the people" is one of the most frequently paraphrased statements of German economist Karl Marx and i truly believe in it.

The foundation of irreligious criticism is: Man makes religion, religion does not make man. Religion is, indeed, the self-consciousness and self-esteem of man who has either not yet won through to himself, or has already lost himself again.
Vladimir Lenin, speaking of religion in clearly alluded to Marx's earlier comments (emphasis added):
Religion is one of the forms of spiritual oppression which everywhere weighs down heavily upon the masses of the people, over burdened by their perpetual work for others, by want and isolation. Impotence of the exploited classes in their struggle against the exploiters just as inevitably gives rise to the belief in a better life after death as impotence of the savage in his battle with nature gives rise to belief in gods, devils, miracles, and the like. Those who toil and live in want all their lives are taught by religion to be submissive and patient while here on earth, and to take comfort in the hope of a heavenly reward. But those who live by the labour of others are taught by religion to practice charity while on earth, thus offering them a very cheap way of justifying their entire existence as exploiters and selling them at a moderate price tickets to well-being in heaven. Religion is opium for the people. Religion is a sort of spiritual booze, in which the slaves of capital drown their human image, their demand for a life more or less worthy of man.
Most of the war is fought on the basis of religion and all the communal riots happening in our country is also in the name of religion. I think India is the only country in the world where there are different civil and marriage law's.Why we can't we have a COMMON CIVIL CODE for every citizen so nobody can take advantage of religious laws.For instance a Hindu convert to Islam so he can get married to four wives.In Muslim sharia law there is no equality of gender in property rights.
In every religion we find hardliners and liberals. In.In Christianity you have catholic s & Protestants,In Muslims you have Shia's & Sunni's,In Hindus there are various castes and they all fight in the name of religion.
Actually in Vedas there is no mention of any God.They used to worship the nature likeWater,Fire,Air,Earth & Atmosphere because you can not live without it and our body is made of these five elements ( Panchtatva )
Later on religious leaders and politician used religion to exploit the masses to their advantage and today it has became the biggest industry on earth.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Dream Library.

These are times of information technology and fast paced life and it is very difficult to get time for relaxing and studying  while sitting in a library.Since of late there is so much development in gadgets i want my ideal library to be E-Library,so that i can search my book by just click of a button and there is no need to sit in one place and we can read and save illustration on the same gadgets while travelling in a bus,metro, car or anywhere where you like.
Just imagine the whole library in your hand.You will not be required to check your book from different shelf's in a large library nor you require a large area which in these days cost you a huge amount and there is no need of a librarian to help you. In fact you will be your on master and you can go and choose from your favourite topics like philosophy,history,poetry,literature and so on and so forth by just click of a button and all your favourite writer's are literally in your pocket. Giving example of e library.

Welcome to the eLibrary - Open eBooks Directory

ebook content
Our e-Library includes 10,071 ebooks to download in 89 categories.
- Find an ebook that interests you and read reviews by past readers.
- We have over 500 free eBooks!
- Write a review and share your opinions with other readers.
- View a current list of the top-rated titles.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Half Stories - Madhubani Paintings.

I belong to madhubani district of bihar and it is famous for its paintings.
Madhubani painting or Mithila painting is a style of Indian painting, practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar state, India.] Painting is done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, using natural dyes and pigments, and is characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns. There are paintings for each occasion and festival such as birth, marriage, holi, surya shasti, kali pujaUpanayanam,

There are five distinctive styles in Madhubani art -Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, Godna & Gobar painting . In 60's Bharni, katchni & tantrik styles were mostly practise by upper caste and Godna & Gobar style by Harijan & Dalits . Now-a-days there is no caste-bar among the artists for their creativity in Madhubani Art . Work in Madhubani Art can be seen in Craft Museum - New delhi, Chandradhari Mithila museum - Darbhanga, Museum of sacred Art - Belgium, Mithila museum- Japan, Museum of Norway & many other places 

Artists and awards

Madhubani painting received official recognition in 1970, when the President of India gave an award to Jagdamba Devi, of Jitbarpur village near Madhubani. Other painters, Mahasundari Devi (2008), Sita Devi, Godavari Dutt, Bharti Dayal and Bua Devi were also given National award. Smt Bharti Dayal won an Award from All India Fine Arts and Crafts for fifty years of art in independent India and the state Award for kalamkari in Mithila Painting and her painting "Eternal Music" bagged the top award in Millennium Art Competition from AIFAC for the year 2001. Smt Bharti Dayal is also Honoured with The Vishist Bihari Samman amid festivities to commemorate 100 year of Bihar. She has been honoured with Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award 2013 for her exceptional work in Madhubani Art, globally too.

Monday, 3 March 2014

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I used to have great pain in my stomach once in a while since my early childhood but my parents used to think that i might have eaten something which i am not able to digest and my mother used to give me massage with oil and after a while i used to get relief from pain but one day the pain got unbearable,it was like somebody is hurting you with knife and seeing my discomfort my father took me to nearby clinic.After seeing my condition doctor immediately realised that i have appendix ( extra growth like tumour )which needs operation at the earliest and told my father to rush me to a bigger hospital.
It was a big shock to my father but he didn't had any time to think and he took me to safdurjung hospital which was nearby.There doctors told him that i need to be operated immediately and told him to sign the consent paper and asked him that while we were preparing for the operation you bring her mother from your house since anything can happen and they also told him that i you will not reach on time then we will not wait for you and we will proceed with operation.
Imagine the plight of my father because he was all alone and those were not the time of mobile phones.So leaving me behind he rushed to my house to bring my mother.In the meanwhile doctors got ready with operation and sisters started to take me to operation theatre and my parents not reached the hospital as yet and i was thinking if i will die during operation then i will not be able to see my parents for the last time and the very thought brought tears to my eyes but as my bed was entering the lift i saw both my parents and then i got relaxed.
In the operation theatre i saw a big round light above my head and doctors standing all around my bed and suddenly one doctor told me to close my eyes since i was given injection to become in concious but i told him to go ahead with operation since i am not afraid of anything but the doctors smiled and closed my eyes with their hand and after that when i revived my conciousness i saw my parents sitting around with bandage on my stomach.I was the youngest patient of the ward as i was only 13 years old and because of that i was getting maximum attention from everybody and doctors told my father that how brave i was at the time of operation and i nearly escaped death since if there would have been delay of even 15 minutes then my appendix might have got burst.

Monday, 24 February 2014


I will not do justice to my childhood memoires if i fail to mention the different type of pets who were part of our childhood.In our Grandfather village whenever we used to go there which was mostly in summer vacations,then we used to play with our dog whose name was Moti and he used to lord over other dogs of that area and we were really proud of him.Apart from dog we had cows,bullocks ( who used to till our fields ) & buffaloes.In the early morning when we used to wake up,we used to find most of the farmers going to fields with their bullocks whose mouth was capped with wooden cap so they can not anything at the time of tilling the field and there neck were tied with bells which used to make beautiful sound when they walked.
At the time of holi festival there is a tradition of race between bullocks of different villagers with lot of prestige attached to it and everyone wanted that their ox should win.Before the race they were given a special diet  and lot of colours were put on their bodies.The whole village used to assemble at high school ground to watch the race with lot of excitement all around.
There is another memory of our childhood of going to our maternal grandfather village which is around 8 to 10 kilometre from our village in a bullock cart which was covered with roof made of bamboo sticks and covered with cloth to protect us from heat of sun.It was really a fascinating journey.My maternal grandfather was Tehsildar ( District Collector ) of Maharajah of Darbhanga,who is considered the richest king of India at the time of British rule in India.So my maternal grandfather was quite well off and he had elephants,as told by my mother but i don't remember them as i was a baby but i have seen horses,bullocks,buffaloes & a small dog with hair all over his body named bijlee ( electrical ) and he was really as fast as his name suggest.
Then in bhopal we brought a parrot in a cage,my friend bhayuu had two rabbits of pure white colours with red eyes and we used to play with them.We also had fish of different colours & sizes in our fountain tank plus one small terrorise also.So all these pets made our childhood so interesting.